Corks and Stoppers

Corks and Stoppers

Cork stoppers are the only closure in the world that can provide both sealing and aging of wine, ie the noble aging in bottle through numerous physical and chemical processes. The gradual evolution of wine in the bottle occurs in an environment with low oxygen content, but enough to make evolve the wine correctly. Thus, only the natural cork can provide this perfect balance, allowing the correct evolution of wine and the formation of the bouquet.

The airtight property assured by the cork stopper is not only indispensable for the high quality wines, but also for young wines. With natural cork, it is possible to assure excellent wine conservation without interfering with the harmony of its components, giving a sign of quality to the wine.The cork stopper is the only seal capable of providing this type of conservation in any wine, due to its characteristics of elasticity, compressibility and cell constitution.

The Logicork manufactures a wide range of bottling options including natural cork stoppers, capsulated cork stoppers, agglomerated cork stoppers, technical cork stoppers,colmated natural cork stoppers, champagne and sparkling wine cork stoppers.


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